Hosted by Howard Gardner
Noam Chomsky revolutionized our understanding of language, cognition,
and the nature of the human mind. Now, for the first time on DVD for the
classroom, join host Howard Gardner (Multiple Intelligences theory) as he
leads your students on a fascinating journey through the life and mind of
Noam Chomsky.
From an epiphany on a 1953 boating trip, to a radical break with
behaviorism and structural linguistics, Noam Chomsky's fascinating story
charts the course of a sweeping intellectual adventure. It is a story that
plots decades of insights and breakthroughs that would ultimately
crystallize in the theory of Generative Grammar -- Chomsky's definitive
treatise on the principles of language and the nature of mind.
From why the obscure field of linguistics captured his interest 50 years
ago, to his critique of scientific "objectivism," Chomsky reveals why
language must be viewed as a "biological system," and what makes it a
"species property." In turn, he demonstrates how language is both a
model for other aspects of cognition, and at the core of human nature, and
On a sweeping canvas of human history, Chomsky performs a "thought
experiment" and argues how the biologically endowed language organ
was responsible for the sudden burst of human creativity, artistic
production, and migration 75,000 years ago -- and why this language
faculty must have preceded communication itself.
From his seminal contributions to the cognitive revolution, to systematic
scientific approaches to language, and even politics, Chomsky takes your
students on a fascinating tour: from psychology to physics, from evolution
to international affairs, and from the meaning of science itself to the very
nature of man.
Enlightening and terrifically entertaining, THE MIND OF NOAM CHOMSKY will
inspire your students to rethink, to question, and to understand language,
cognition, and the mind in entirely new ways.THE MIND OF NOAM CHOMSKY
is an essential presentation for curricula in psychology, philosophy,
linguistics, and the cognitive sciences.Don't miss this unique opportunity to
bring THE MIND OF NOAM CHOMSKY into your classroom. Call now!
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Noam Chomsky: Language & Mind
The perfect complement to The Mind of Noam Chomsky! In this
rare bonus presentation, go in-depth to explore Noam Chomsky's
theory of Generative Grammar -- from its origins to the problems
and possibilities that now face the study of Language & Mind. In
this classic presentation, filmed at Princeton University in 1997,
join Noam Chomsky as he demonstrates:
  • How the brain is endowed with an innate "language faculty"
  • The key structural properties of language use and acquisition
  • The genetically determined "initial state"
  • Why his approach to language is "internalist" and "modular"
  • The central problem of the last 50 years
  • Whether there is a critical period for language acquisition
  • What is known about the mechanisms of language acquisition
  • Artificial Intelligence and the lessons it holds ... and much, much more.
Six-part DVD for
easy reference:
1. An Epiphany at Sea
2. Gravity and Grammar
3. The Break from Behaviorism
4. Evolution & Language
5. Politics and Skepticism
6. Scientific Inquiry, Progress, &
Running times:
Approx. 60 mins to allow for
assignments before or viewing
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