Language and Mind
Chomsky is arguably the most important intellectual alive.
-- New York Times
One of the most gifted thinkers of our time, Noam Chomsky has
revolutionized our understanding of language, its use and its
acquisition. Now,
Language & Mind brings Chomsky into your
classroom, where he takes your students on a guided tour
through his epoch-making ideas.
endowed with an innate "language faculty" and that part of this
biological endowment is a set of principles common to all
languages--otherwise known as the "theory of Universal Grammar."
From Aristotle to Gallileo to Descartes to Hume--to the cognitive
revolution of the 1950s and the most recent work in clinical and
developmental psychology--Chomsky charts the history of
philisophical inquiry in the nature of
Language & Mind.
Never before or again will Noam Chomsky make such a
presentation available on video. A foundational and essential
presentation for curricula in linguistics, psychology, or philosophy,
this provocative presentation will inspire your students to discuss,
debate, and rethink the nature of
Language & Mind.
Nine-part video for
easy reference:
1. The Object of Inquiry
2. Properties of Language
3. The Language Organ
4. Universal Grammar
5. Domain Specific Cognitive Faculties
6. "Language" & "Grammar"
7. The Cognitive Revolution
8. Principles & Parameters
9. The Continuing Inquiry
Running times:
Language & Mind: Approx. 50
Extended Reference: Approx. 25 mins
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