The Magic of Consciousness
One of the most provocative thinkers on the planet
-- Chet Raymo, The Boston Globe
What is consciousness? Why does it remain a mystery? In The
Magic of Consciousness, Daniel Dennett takes your students on a
fascinating journey backstage, behind the mind's curtain, to reveal
the inner workings of the magic show we call consciousness- and
why it evolved.
Setting his stage with "the problem of consciousness," Dennett
illuminates how human biases have, for centuries, insisted that
consciousness must be irreducibly mysterious--like "real" magic. Of
course, "real" magic refers to magic which does not really exist and
can not really be performed.
Now, using evolutionary and cognitive science as his canvas,
Dennett illustrates why understanding consciousness means
understanding the "stage-magic" of the mind -- the kind of magic
that actually does exist and is not so "magical" after all. The kind
of magic performed by a magician- the human brain.
Drawing on everything from neuroscience to the world of art,
Dennett reverse-engineers the stage magic of the mind: From the
experience of deja vu, to magic tricks and optical illusions. In doing
so, Dennett powerfully demonstrates that once we begin to see
how the brain creates "illusions" we can begin to imagine how it
creates consciousness.
This exclusive presentation for the classroom by Daniel Dennett
will provoke, entertain, and inspire your students to think about
The Magic of Consciousness in entirely new ways. Call now!
Seven-part DVD for
easy reference:
1. The Problem of Consciousness
2. The Indian Rope Trick
3. Stage Magic of the Mind
4. Computationalism
5. Reverse Engineering the Magic Show
6. Dilemma of the Subject
7. The 'Magic' of Consciousness
Running times:
Approx. 55 mins
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