MI: Millennium
Highly Recommended. -- David Henry Feldman, Tufts University Professor
New dimensions: First, Howard Gardner revolutionized how we
think about "intelligence" and "understanding." Now, with
MI:MILLENNIUM, Gardner expands, and builds upon the
foundations of MI theory--bringing twenty years of research, and
the history of "intelligence" theory into a timely new focus.
In this dynamic presentation for the classroom, Gardner reveals
entirely new dimensions of MI, including: a verified eighth
intelligence and the possibility of a ninth intelligence; new ideas
about "entry points to disciplinary understanding;" what happens
to the "intelligences" as we grow older; his most recent work
identifying "three axes" of intelligence; and the nature of "good
New directions: Looking to the future, Gardner raises new
questions about intelligence in the new millennium, including how
broadly "intelligence" should be defined, who will get to define it,
and the profound signifigance of globalization, computers, and
artificial intelligence (AI) on how we will learn, and what kinds of
intelligences will be critical in the near future.
New implications: In the new millennium, MI theory takes on
profoundly human dimensions, as Gardner explores the critical link
between intelligence and ethics. In turn, he brings into sharp focus
the implications of advancement in genetic and brain science--and
suggests what classrooms, teaching, and assessment will look like
in the coming years as "traditionalists" lose their hold on the
defintion of intelligence.
MI:MILLENNIUM brings a timely new focus to "intelligence,"
"understanding," and MI theory--for the practical questions of
today, and the ethical questions of tomorrow.
Bonus Companion Video (save over 50%!)
Howard Gardner: 1 on 1 is the optional 25 minute companion
program to
MI: Millennium. In this bonus presentation, Howard
Gardner goes in-depth to address key implications, criticisms, and
the most commonly asked questions raised by the main program.
Howard Gardner: 1 on 1 is optional, but is not sold
separately. It may be added to
MI: Millennium for just $74 more.]
Eight-part video for
easy reference:
1. Who Owns "Intelligence"?
2. A New View
3. The Nine Intelligences
4. The Three Axes of Intelligence
5. MI In Practice: Individualization and
6. Disciplinary Understanding:
Entry Points
7. Intelligence in the New Millennium
8. Intelligence and Ethics: Good Work
Running times:
MI: Millennium: Approx. 50 mins
1 on 1: Approx. 25 mins
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