Creativity & Leadership
First, Howard Gardner conquered long held misconceptions about
'intelligence' and 'understanding'.
Now, drawing conclusions from the lives of extraordinary
individuals like Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, and Virginia Woolf,
Howard Gardner presents a revolutionary new psychology of
creativity and leadership.  
Here, in this dynamic presentation for the classroom, discover
where leaders and creators come from. In
, Gardner shatters long held misconceptions, and
draws profound new lessons, about the intelligences, childhoods,
and lives of EXTRAORDINARY MINDS -- and about what is at stake
for education, parenting, and society.
Based on 15 years of research, and his Theory of Multiple
Intelligences (MI), Howard Gardner's
takes your students on a unique intellectual journey. Debunking
traditional 'I.Q.' and 'behaviorist' perspectives, Gardner addresses
7 new questions. He reveals:  
Why creativity is never 'general', but always 'domain-specific'--and
how creative domains relate to the different intelligences;
Why creativity & leadership are mostly 'made', not 'born'--and why
childhood 'prodigies' do not tend to be particularly creative later in
The particular childhood experiences of leaders and
creators--including the critical distinction between 'object-oriented'
and 'person-oriented' children, and the pivotal role of
rebelliousness and risk-taking;
How leadership and creativity are related; and what leadership has
to do with 'storytelling' within a cognitive perspective.
The lessons we can learn--and instill in children--about creatively
applying our own unique combination of intelligences in the world.  
... and much, much more.
Bonus Companion Video (save over 50%!)
Howard Gardner: In Depth is the optional 25 minute companion
program to
Creativity & Leadership. In this bonus presentation,
Howard Gardner goes in-depth to address key implications,
criticisms, and the most commonly asked questions raised by the
main program. [Note:
Howard Gardner: In Depth is optional, but is
not sold separately. It may be added to
Creativity & Leadership for
just $74 more.]
Eight-part video for
easy reference:
1. Understanding the Extraordinary
Mind: 7 Questions
2. Creativity, MI, and "Creative
3. Extraordinary Minds: Born or Made?
4. Childhood
5. Leadership: A Cognitive View
6. Creativity, Leaderships, and Lessons
7. 7 Questions Revisited
8. A Challenge for the New Millennium
Running times:
Creativity & Leadership:
Approx. 50 mins
In Depth: Approx. 25 mins
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