MI: Intelligence, Understanding & the Mind
Engaging. An extremely valuable resource. Gardner ties it all
together--the science, the theory, and the diverse implications.
-- Jean Kilbourne, Ed.D., Author, Lecturer, Filmmaker
Multiple Intelligences theory: The singular revolution in cognitive
science and education that is changing how we think about
intelligence and the human mind. Now, in this dynamic
presentation for the classroom, Howard Gardner presents MI
theory and reveals what is at stake--for learning, understanding,
and assessment.
Setting his presentation within a sweeping history of changing
ideas about the human brain and the nature of 'mental
representations', Gardner powerfully contrasts new views in two
critical area of thought: 'intelligence' and 'understanding'.
From the first I.Q. test to B.F. Skinner, from psychometric testing
to the recent publication of The Bell curve, Gardner illustrates how
outmoded views of the human mind continue to dominate our
ideas about learning, teaching, and intelligence.
Gardner proposes techniques to 'teach for understanding', and
explains the role of 'understanding-performances' in learning
assessment. He wraps this extraordinary presentation with a
stirring call for the appropriate matching of technologies and MI
perspectives with the differing needs and intelligences of children.
Bonus Companion Video (save over 50%!)
Howard Gardner: Answers is the optional 25 minute companion
program to
MI: Intelligence, Understanding, and the Mind. In this
bonus presentation, Howard Gardner goes in-depth to address
key implications, criticisms, and the most commonly asked
questions raised by the main program. [Note:
Howard Gardner:
is optional, but is not sold separately. It may be added to
MI: Intelligence, Understanding, and the Mind for just $74 more.]
Seven-part video for
easy reference:
1. The Cognitive Revolution
2. Intelligence
3. The Eight Intelligences
4. MI: Myths & Applications
5. Understanding
6. The Unschooled Mind
Across the Discplines
7. Teaching for Understanding
Running times:
MI: Approx. 50 mins
Answers: Approx. 25 mins
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Understanding, and the Mind
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