That's Not What I Meant!
Language, Culture, & Meaning
Utterly fascinating.
San Francisco Chronicle
Deborah Tannen revolutionized our understanding of gender and
communication. Now, for the first time on video, Tannen takes
your students on an intellectual journey to the core of how men
and women use language, and why communication between the
sexes so often goes awry.
Debunking the misconception that communication would be
transparent if we simply "said what we meant," Tannen counters
by suggesting that we do say what we mean--only we say it in our
own "conversational style".
On a canvas of disciplines from linguistics and psychology, to
anthropology and communication, Tannen paints a fascinating
picture of the conversational "signals," "devices," and "rituals" that
structure our every interaction.
Against a backdrop of ethnic, gender, and other cultural factors,
Tannen demonstrates how conversational signals send
"metamessages" that "frame" the meaning of what we say. And
why, when conversational styles differ, the frame we intend may
not be the one perceived.
Bonus Companion Video (save over 50%!)
Deborah Tannen: 1 on 1 is the optional 25 minute companion
program to
That's Not What I Meant!. In this bonus presentation,
Deborah Tannen goes in-depth to address key implications,
criticisms, and the most commonly asked questions raised by the
main program. [Note:
Deborah Tannen: 1 on 1 is optional, but is
not sold separately. It may be added to
That's Not What I Meant!
for just $84 more.]
Eight-part video for easy reference:
1. Language & Meaning
2. Signals, Devices, & Rituals
3. Framing, Metamessage, &
4. Pacing & Pausing
5. Overlap & Interruption
6. Indirectness
7. Listenership: Co-creating Meaning
8. Conversational Style & Relationships
Running times:
That's Not What I Meant!:
Approx. 50 mins
1 on 1: Approx. 25 mins
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