He Said She Said
Gender Language & Communication
Tannen is the world's foremost linguist...akin to Margaret Mead, who
popularized the field of anthropology, or Stephen Jay Gould, who
brought paleontology to a wider public.
-- The Washingtonian
First, Deborah Tannen revolutionized our understanding of gender
and communication. Now, for the first time on video, Tannen takes
your students on an intellectual journey to the core of how men
and women use language, and why communication between the
sexes so often goes awry.
Taking a linguistic approach that sheds light on psychology,
Tannen uses everything from scholarly research to familiar
examples from everyday life as her canvas. In this illuminating and
entertaining presentation, Tannen draws a road map through the
complex maze of why we speak the way we do, and why others so
frequently don't hear what we mean.
From patterns formed in childhood, to the "conversational rituals"
of adulthood, Tannen reveals how "conversational style" lies at the
core of myths, stereotypes, and miscommunication between the
From why HE won't stop and ask for directions, to why SHE thinks
he's not listening (even when he is), Deborah Tannen's
extraordinary and challenging presentation will inspire your
students to discuss, debate, and rethink the nature of
communication and gender.
Bonus Companion Video (save over 50%!)
Deborah Tannen: In Depth is the optional 25 minute companion
program to
He Said, She Said. In this bonus presentation,
Deborah Tannen goes in-depth to address key implications,
criticisms, and the most commonly asked questions raised by the
main program. [Note:
Deborah Tannen: In Depth is optional, but
is not sold separately. It may be added to
He Said, She Said for
just $74 more.]
Seven-part video for
easy reference:
1. Boys & Girls
2. Status & Connection
3. Directness & Indirectness
4. Public Talk & Private Talk
5. Ritual Opposition
6. Conversational Style
7. Conclusion
Running times:
He Said, She Said: Approx. 50 mins
In Depth: Approx. 25 mins
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